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Anthony Nguyen
Anthony Nguyen

Download 666 Udf

We need to first download the following files to the local workstation by clicking on the hyperlinks below. The subsequent steps require SnowSQL CLI installed on the local workstation where the lab is ran:

Download 666 udf

Once downloaded, untar the contents of the files on your local workstation and note the full path including the mailbox parent directory of the tar archive. In the example below, this path is /Users/znh/Downloads/quickstart/. The file can be untarred as follows.

As we just experimented, scoped URLs are ideal for use in custom applications, providing unstructured data to other accounts via a share, or for downloading and ad-hoc analysis of unstructured data via Snowsight.

Pre-signed URLs are used to download or access files, via a web browser for example, without authenticating into Snowflake or passing an authorization token. These URLs are ideal for business intelligence applications or reporting tools that need to display the unstructured file contents.

Pre-signed URLs are open but temporary. The expiration time for the access token is configurable when generating the URL. Any user or application can directly access or download the files until the expiration time is reached.

From the results, notice that all the URLs are encrypted, not revealing any information of the location where the shared data came from. Click on any EMAIL_URL and get access to the actual email text downloaded to your workstation. Download and review the email. Make sure it is valid. 041b061a72


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