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{Star King Ep 126 ENG SUB} ~UPD~

Mr. Popo finishes fixing Shenron, and Kami asks him and Goku to stand clear. Kami charges a Finger Beam, and shoots it at the stone figure, making it throb with energy. Suddenly, it moves, then disappears in a beam of light. Goku sees the shadow of Shenron cast on the Lookout before the light shoots down toward Earth. Kami says it is returning to the Dragon Balls, and will reconstitute immediately, allowing for a wish to be made right then. Goku will be able to see his friends again in three years at the next World Martial Arts Tournament. He is certain Piccolo will appear there. Although Goku killed King Piccolo, he immediately spit up an egg. That offspring will come to the tournament to kill Goku and finish his father's work to dominate the world. But Goku will be safe at the Lookout until then, so he can train without fear. Goku says he will do so without fail, and then he asks where the bathroom is. Mr. Popo is worried, since Piccolo's death means Kami will die as well. However, Kami is banking on a different outcome, saying the guardian cannot commit suicide. He has been waiting for Piccolo to produce a true offspring.

{Star King ep 126 ENG SUB}

Back at Kame House, Yamcha and Tien Shinhan are sitting outside after Tien finished some training. Launch is looking over them from the door. Yamcha has one of the stones that used to be a Dragon Ball. Bulma is drawing a bath, and Oolong is reading a manga tankobon. She holds the capsule containing the cryopods holding Krillin, Master Roshi and Chiaotzu's bodies, thinking they will figure out a way to revive them someday. Bulma is then stunned when she sees something: all the Dragon Balls on the dresser were restored. Yamcha was equally shocked, since it changed literally in his hand. Bulma brings them all together outside, and deploys the cryopods. Those assembled summon Shenron, whose entrance is particularly dramatic. But sure enough, he emerges.

Shenron tells them that he is again alive because Goku asked Kami for it. He notifies them that Goku will remain in the Upper World until the next tournament for training. Bulma wishes for Krillin, Roshi and Chiaotzu to be revived. Shenron says it is a simple matter, but Yamcha interrupts, asking for everyone who was killed by King Piccolo and his minions to be revived. Shenron agrees, and beams of energy shoot around the world. Bulma opens the cryopods, and their friends rise, alive once more. One by one, the victims of Piccolo's rampage are resurrected. Shenron bids them farewell, and the Dragon Balls scatter once more. All around the world, miracles happen as people killed by King Piccolo and Tambourine are revived, some digging their way out of their graves to varying degrees of shock.

Wendy, deciding to go along with the plan until the others show up, agrees, and uses Sky Dragon's Roar to move the cart. When the Jiggle Butt Gang realize that Wendy is a Dragon Slayer, they decide to try and recruit her into their corps to use her abilities for their own benefit. Wendy does not want to join their group, but decides that she should at least fool them into thinking she has joined so that she can make them believe she is on their side. She dons the Jiggle Butt Gangs suit and prepares to use her Magic once again to move the cart.

However, she is interrupted by Lucy, Happy and Carla, who have finally recovered and have flown to catch up with the cart. They are startled to see Wendy wearing the Jiggle Butt Gang uniform, but decide to leave questions until later, planning to take out the Jiggle Butt Gang first. Before they have a chance though, Natsu awakens due to the cart having stopped, and upon hearing that Wendy is in trouble, jumps straight up to the roof of the cart and heads towards the gang. Though Wendy tries to stop Natsu from attacking and asks the Gang to turn over a new leaf and learn to be Mages, Natsu angrily uses his Fire Dragon's Iron Fist and sends the gang flying from the train-top.

The roots of the Yardbirds lie in a group of schoolfriends in Richmond, a leafy suburb of London. Keith Relf, Laurie Gane, Paul Samwell-Smith and Jim McCarty were art-school kids who were obsessed with Sonny Terry and Jimmy Reed, and who would hang around the burgeoning London R&B scene, going to see the Rolling Stones and Alexis Korner in Twickenham and at Eel Pie Island, and starting up their own blues band, the Metropolis Blues Quartet.

Samwell-Smith and McCarty had written the music for the song, Relf and Samwell-Smith added lyrics, and Beck experimented with feedback, leading to one of the first psychedelic records to become a big hit, making number three in the UK and number eleven in the US:

It starts on every Saturday from 6:20pm to 8:00pm. Star King is the first TV show in Korea which runs online and on TV simultaneously. In addition, people come from a variety of countries such as Brazil, Mongolia and Kenya, aging from 5 years old to 101 years old. Because of these unique people, Star King easily gained audiences. Once, Star King had the best audience ratings between Saturday TV shows. However, presently, has Star King lost a lot in audience ratings after the fabrication.[1]

Star King is hosted by Kang Ho Dong. He temporarily left the show, leaving Boom and Super Junior's leader Leeteuk as the hosts. Leeteuk has since started his military service, leaving the show to Kang Ho Dong and Boom as the hosts.

Crocodile is a tall man with a wide chest, broad shoulders, muscular arms and legs, and a thick neck. He has pale skin and nape-length black hair, which is kept neatly slicked back, though strands tend to fall in front of his face during battles. Crocodile has various battle wounds, most notably a long-stitched scar at the bridge of his nose that stretches across his face and a large hook made from a tough gold alloy in place of his left hand. His eyes are deep-set and heavy-lidded, and his thin eyebrows are characteristically drawn upward in the middle.[20][6] This gives his usual facial expression a feeling of condescension and distrust. Crocodile speaks with a deep, relaxed voice, and he is usually seen smoking a thick cigar produced by his company. In the anime, his skin is somewhat of a grayish color.

Crocodile is first introduced as an intimidating and sophisticated mastermind, although to the people of the Arabasta Kingdom, he was viewed as a savior figure who protected the country from pirate attacks, as part of his duty as a Warlord of the Sea. In spite of his status as a national hero, Crocodile could not care less for the local population and their adoration for him, looking down on them as fools and only acting against threats in order to keep up appearances.[20] In his plot to take over Arabasta, Crocodile callously and inhumanly orchestrated the destruction of several communities, with the intent of inciting strife that would eventually lead into a bloody civil war. Crocodile's actions were enough to disgust even former bounty hunter Roronoa Zoro, who described the Warlord as the worst of scoundrels.[25]

Despite his low tolerance for receiving insults, Crocodile has the habit of taunting others, frequently using the word "worthless" to refer to the desperate struggles of his enemies, although he seems to have changed this habit slightly since fighting Luffy. Crocodile is known to belittle his foes, generally implying that they are far inferior to him, whether he is fighting a rookie[29][30] or a fellow Warlord (namely Donquixote Doflamingo, who had a former bounty almost 300,000,000 higher than his own).[31] Crocodile's capacity for looking down on others is so high that he even told Dracule Mihawk, the World's Strongest Swordsman, to "watch himself".[32]

Crocodile has displayed an extremely cynical and patronizing attitude, showing complete disregard to the romantic pirate lifestyle and stating that all the values that the status of Pirate King had once symbolized were now worthless to him. Crocodile valued military power above popularity, renown, and treasure, believing that only ignorant fools declare their grandiose dreams. He referred to having trust and faith in others as an idiotic thing to do several times during the Arabasta Arc, claiming to have done away with countless people and going as far as to deride those who fight for someone else, making their defeats all the harsher.[39] [40]

Crocodile has been shown to almost completely lack any code of honor.[41] Extremely pragmatic to the point of treachery, Crocodile once offered a sadistic choice to Vivi, only to later reveal that it would not matter in the end, making any effort from her part meaningless.[42] One of the few vestiges of honor he ever displayed was in his third battle with Luffy, during which he stated that Luffy deserved an honorable death from his venomous hook. Due to the situation at the time of battle, this could be seen as more an ironic act of cruelty than honor, but he did seem to regard the use of his rarely seen poison hook as a tribute to Luffy's tenacity.[43] As another example of his distorted sense of honor, after had been Whitebeard injured by Squard, Crocodile refused to fight him in that weakened state. In fact, he became furious at Whitebeard's loss of strength out of pride, having been defeated by the Emperor in the past.[44]

After being defeated by Luffy and being stripped of his Warlord title, Crocodile apparently lost interest in the outside world.[50] He refused to escape with the rest of his subordinates during the breakout detailed in the eighth Cover Story.[51] Upon his capture, he disregarded the notion of escaping simply because he did not feel like it, perhaps assuming that escape would come easily to him if he changed his mind. Similarly, he smiled at the news that he would be sent to Impel Down and seemed apathetic during his imprisonment. Crocodile was the only Impel Down inmate who appeared to be enjoying himself; he was initially seen smiling and mocking his fellow prisoners. He claimed that he was only in Impel Down because he chose to stay, an assertion well in line with his overly condescending demeanor. His only apparent motivation to leave Impel Down was the chance to enact revenge against Whitebeard.[50] Following the war, Crocodile seemed eager to journey to the New World with Mr. 1, having reignited his ambitious side once more.[18]


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