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Stick War 3 Beta: The Next Level of Strategy PVP - Control Any Unit at Any Time

Stick War 3: A New and Exciting Strategy Game for Android and iOS

If you are a fan of strategy games, you might have heard of Stick War, a popular series of flash games that features stick figures fighting for dominance in a world called Inamorta. The first game, Stick War, was released in 2009, followed by its sequel, Stick War 2: Order Empire, in 2012. Both games were well-received by players and critics alike, praised for their simple yet addictive gameplay, humorous animations, and engaging storylines.

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Now, after almost a decade, the developers of Stick War have finally released a new game in the series, Stick War 3. This game is not a flash game, but a mobile game that is available for Android and iOS devices. It is also not a direct continuation of the previous games, but a reboot that introduces new features, modes, units, spells, and more. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Stick War 3, including what it is, how to download and play it, and some tips and tricks to help you master it.

What is Stick War 3?

Stick War 3 is a real-time strategy game that lets you control an army of stick figures in various battles. You can choose from different types of units, such as miners, swordsmen, archers, mages, giants, and more. You can also use spells and enchantments to boost your army or hinder your enemies. Your goal is to destroy the enemy statue or capture their base before they do the same to you.

The history and development of Stick War 3

The idea of Stick War 3 started in 2018, when Jason Whitham (CrazyJay), the creator of Stick War, decided to make a new game in the series. He teamed up with Brock White (Brock), who worked on Stick War 2, and Max Games Studios, who published Stick War: Legacy, a mobile remake of the first game. Together, they began working on Stick War 3 as a passion project.

The development of Stick War 3 was not easy. The team faced many challenges and obstacles along the way, such as technical difficulties, design changes, feedback issues, and personal problems. They also had to balance their time between working on Stick War 3 and their other projects and responsibilities. Despite these hardships, they never gave up on their vision.

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On January 18th, 2021, CrazyJay uploaded a teaser trailer for Stick War 3 on his YouTube channel. The trailer showed some gameplay footage and announced that the game would be released in 2021. On March 26th, 2021, the alpha version of the game was given out for testing to some selected players. On June 14th, 2021, the beta version of the game was released to the public on Google Play and App Store. The game received positive reviews from players and critics, who praised its graphics, gameplay, variety, and innovation. The game also received frequent updates and improvements from the developers, who listened to the feedback and suggestions from the community.

The features and gameplay of Stick War 3

Stick War 3 is a game that offers a lot of features and gameplay options for players of all levels and preferences. Here are some of the main features and modes of the game:

Deckbuilding: Customize your own army with cards

In Stick War 3, you can create your own army by collecting and using cards. Cards are items that represent different units, spells, enchantments, and upgrades. You can obtain cards by playing the game, completing missions, opening chests, or buying them with in-game currency. You can also upgrade your cards to make them more powerful and effective.

You can build up to four decks of cards, each with a maximum of 12 cards. You can choose which deck to use before each battle. You can also edit your decks at any time by adding or removing cards. You can also test your decks in the Proving Grounds mode, where you can practice against AI opponents.

Singleplayer: Explore the campaign and challenge yourself with daily battles

If you prefer to play solo, you can enjoy the singleplayer mode of Stick War 3. In this mode, you can follow the story of the Order Empire and the Chaos Empire, two rival factions that are fighting for control of Inamorta. You can play as either side and experience different missions, events, and outcomes. You can also unlock new cards, units, spells, and enchantments as you progress through the campaign.

You can also play the daily battles mode, where you can test your skills in special scenarios with fixed decks. These scenarios change every day and offer different rewards and challenges. You can also compare your scores with other players on the leaderboard.

Multiplayer: Team up with friends or compete with other players online

If you want to play with or against other players, you can try the multiplayer mode of Stick War 3. In this mode, you can join or create a match with up to four players on each team. You can choose from different game modes, such as team deathmatch, capture the flag, king of the hill, and more. You can also choose from different maps, settings, and rules.

You can also chat with other players in the lobby or during the match. You can also add friends and invite them to join your matches. You can also join a clan or create your own clan with other players. Clans are groups of players that can communicate, cooperate, and compete with each other. Customization: Change the appearance and voice of your units and statues

In Stick War 3, you can also customize the look and sound of your units and statues. You can change their color, skin, hair, eyes, mouth, accessories, and more. You can also change their voice, accent, language, and phrases. You can use the customization options to make your army more unique and expressive.

You can access the customization options by tapping on the unit or statue icon in the deck menu. You can also preview your changes before applying them. You can also save your customizations as presets and use them for different decks.

Live Replays: Watch and share your games with others

Another feature of Stick War 3 is the live replays system. This system allows you to watch and share your games with other players. You can watch your own replays or other players' replays from the replay menu. You can also watch live games that are currently in progress.

You can use the live replays system to learn from other players, improve your strategies, or just have fun. You can also comment on the replays, give likes or dislikes, and report any inappropriate content. You can also share your replays with your friends or on social media.

How to download and play Stick War 3?

If you are interested in playing Stick War 3, you might be wondering how to download and play it on your device. Here are the steps to do so:

Downloading Stick War 3 from Google Play or App Store

The first step is to download Stick War 3 from Google Play or App Store. You can find the game by searching for "Stick War 3" or by following these links:

The game is free to download and play, but it contains some optional in-app purchases that can enhance your experience. The game also requires an internet connection to play online.

Playing Stick War 3 on your device

The second step is to play Stick War 3 on your device. You can start the game by tapping on the app icon on your home screen or app drawer. You will then see the main menu of the game, where you can choose from different options: Tutorial: Learn the basics of the game

The tutorial option will guide you through the basics of the game, such as how to build your deck, how to control your units, how to use spells and enchantments, and how to win a battle. The tutorial is divided into several lessons, each with a different objective and reward. You can skip or replay any lesson at any time. The tutorial is recommended for beginners who want to learn the game quickly and easily.

Proving Grounds: Practice your strategies against AI opponents

The proving grounds option will let you practice your strategies against AI opponents. You can choose from different difficulty levels, game modes, and maps. You can also use any deck that you have created or use


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