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Barsati Gang Movie Download Telugu Movie

Meanwhile, Surendra's men trace Anu and bring her to Bhadra's home. Feeling that she is not safe anymore here, Bhadra plans to send her abroad. Anu is not happy with his decision as she loves him. On the day Anu is supposed to leave to London, she meets Bhadra and Raja's friend at the airport. The girl tells Anu about Bhadra's devotion for her. She also knows that they chose Bhadra as Anu's bridegroom before her family was killed. She realizes she cannot leave Bhadra, and leaves the airport. She manages to find Bhadra, who is fighting the villains. After he defeats Veerayya, Bhadra and Anu embrace. Before Veerayya can kill Bhadra, Surendra's henchman kills him. Then the movie ends.

Barsati Gang Movie Download Telugu Movie



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