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Arthur Panov

Propellerhead Reason 6.5 2 ##BEST## Crackl

The name propellerhead comes from the pejorative term used to deprecate science fiction fans and other technophiles, who are stereotypically drawn wearing propeller beanies. The company is not related to the British electronic music duo Propellerheads.

Propellerhead Reason 6.5 2 Crackl

Ultimately, Reason 6 is a great application. It's fun, sounds contemporary and lets you work fast. It extracts a huge amount from any reasonably modern PC or Mac. Using it is the perfect antidote to every crash and incompatibility that can plague other DAWs, and the vastly improved mix architecture clearly now provides a platform for further developments of other features. For existing fans it's a no-brainer. For new users, now's the perfect time to get on board.

From reason 1 till Reason 5, send effects used to be part of the Mixer 14:2 chain. It was set up in an auxiliary channel. Till this day this technique can still be applied (yet it is a bit old school). Since Reason 6 we can use send effects as part of the master section. You will have 8 send effects in total.

A send effect is defined by the FX-send and the FX-return. Normally you don't have to think about these things because once you start adding effects under the master section (or add them through the SSL mixer) you automatically route the send effect in the proper chain from FX-send to FX-return. It is as simple as it can be. The only reason why these connections might become useful is when trying to apply some creative sends in the process (eg: using a combinator as a send effect).

Ableton Live has its own take on how a DAW should function, and I guess that is what make people either LOVE or HATE it (there is nothing in between). As its name denote, Live was originally geared towards live usage, where you can layout your performance as a bunch of "Clips" that can be triggered by various hardware controllers (so I guess that is one reason why many DJ's prefer Live, over more traditional DAWs like Cubase, Protools and so on). In many cases I start my projects in Lives Session-view, where I quickly get my ideas recorded as a bunch of "Clips", and when I get a more clear view about how I want to combine these Clips as a song, I move into Arrangement-view. These days I only use Ableton Live as my DAW, and Reason I only use as a (VST) Rack within Live.


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