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NieR: Automata Download Movie Free REPACK

According to PlayStation's official Twitter account, the next DLC for Gravity Rush 2 will feature a crossover with Nier: Automata. An outfit that allows Kat to dress up as android 2B will be available as a free download starting May 5.

NieR: Automata download movie free

However, if you played it on the PC, chances are, you encountered some annoying hiccups in your otherwise perfect gaming masterpiece experience. As good as a game NieR: Automata was, its developers seemingly prioritized the console audience and left the PC version in quite a frustrating state. Even the most basic of PC adjustments were somehow omitted or forgotten. Thankfully, the PC gaming community is known partly for one of its exclusive capabilities: modifications (mods) for any game. So, here are the best and most essential mods you can download and install in order for you to enjoy NieR: Automata as it should have been experienced. These are all free, by the way.

NieR: Automata, along with a few other titles, is sadly leaving the Game Pass service this month, meaning subscribers will no longer be able to download and play the title for free. Given the acclaim and grippingly unique nature of NieR: Automata, it would be remiss for subscribers to let this title slip through their fingers without at least giving it a go.

Nier Reincarnation is out globally today after already having been released for 6 months in Japan. A mobile title, Reincarnation features many of the trappings of other mobile games like being free to download but full of gacha-style mechanics.


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