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Escape Room: Tournament Of Champions

Later in the film, when there is a malfunction during the Acid Rain room's transition, Zoey is taken to a department of Minos where she meets Claire, who turns out to be the actual puzzle maker. Claire has been locked up in a room by her father, who is one of the higher-ups in Minos and who has forced her to create elaborate escape rooms after which he has taken all of the credit. Claire begs Zoey to help her get out of the room. Up until that point Zoey has been hesitant, until it is revealed Ben has been saved by Claire who created a secret compartment under the quicksand for him to fall into. However, Ben is found by Henry's men and thrown into the final room: a sauna. With Zoey's help Claire manages to break out and is then met by her father. Zoey and Claire succeed in fighting Claire's father off and they save Ben. Claire locks the Minos employees inside the control room, and suggests Zoey report her findings to the police.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions


Thankfully, little time is wasted getting to the first puzzle. Minos lures Zoey and Ben into a subway car where they encounter the other champions and, immediately, the games begin. The first puzzle is an electrified train car with hidden tokens needed to earn their escape. It's simple but gets the action started, ramping up the tension. It also introduces the other experienced players and shows off what they bring to the table. 041b061a72


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